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Why your content gets rejected by client?

The profession of Content Writing is one of those which require hard work and dedication as it is not the same as other professions. Why you ask, well because the field of Content Writing requires the creation of content through the human mind and intelligence, which can’t be created through computer applications and software. This makes this job a decently paid one provided you are working for a client who understands the quantum of efforts you are putting in.

However, there comes a time when after putting up due consideration into the piece of writing, it gets rejected. Below mentioned points would illustrate the possible reason behind the rejection of your content by clients-

Plagiarism or Similarity with other content: Yes, this is the most common reason which haunts every writer, no matter how much proficiency one has got in this field. It hurts when there was no deliberate plagiarism and even then it shows up in software such as Copyscape. If the content that you wrote was on general topics there is the possibility of a matchup with existing content on the internet. That is why it is wise to go through a Plagiarism check so that your efforts don’t get washed up.

Lack of connection with the reader: As you venture into advance content writing and write on topics which are appealing and require you to get the attention of readers so that they feel like they are interacting with the writer, you’ll see the editor would reject your content if he feels the lack of connection is there. If this is the case then there is no other option other than training yourself to write pieces which are interactive. Start by writing in the first person, venture into topics which make you uncomfortable, among other things. There are plenty of resources available on the internet which coupled with your hard work could make you a seasoned and more valuable writer. After all, there isn’t any alternative to hard work, right?

Improper Grammar: Another common issue which writers face is improper grammar. There is software available on the internet such as Grammarly which would point out the grammatical mistake in your content. Over time, you would get hold of the grammatical mistakes that you commit and repeat them less often.

Content not backed up by research: Another issue that might bother your client is the lack of research on your part. The article or piece of writing might require more depth as compared to a general article which might have become an issue causing rejection of your content. It is wise to do proper research which appeals to the client so that your work gets accepted.

So this is all from our side, we hope you found this article helpful. A quick suggestion from our side is introspection to the article that you write and finding the shortcoming so that they could be overcome. Have a good day.