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How to Make a Career in Ghostwriting

“You have a passport into other people’s lives as a trusted confidant." - Andrew Crofts, Ghostwriter

What if you found out you could make a living writing other’s peoples thoughts, ideas, and stories for them? What if you knew you could finally fulfil that long-held dream of writing a book and have it reach thousands of people – without breaking a sweat over marketing it? While still getting handsomely paid for it?

Chances are you probably want to be a ghost-writer, though you may not know it yet.

From celebrities to politicians, and other top professionals in their respective fields, you get to serve a wide range of clients.  Your name doesn’t show up on the cover but then you are also spared the criticism that might come with the published work, and you have the potential of making more money here than with other writing services.
For such a lucrative niche, the competition might seem more daunting than it really is. Want to cut through the noise and learn how you can land that first ghost-writing contract and level up to making a full-fledged career of it?

Read on to find out how:

•    Start small and work your way up – Getting that meaty contract to write a book or a speech involving high stakes might be what you are aiming it, but that is a level you can reach only by first experimenting with smaller jobs – such as articles, blogs, SEO content. Write for free if you have to by contributing guest posts to popular publications.
Make up your mind to settle for minimum to little pay as a beginner, and gradually increase those rates as you gather positive feedback from clients and build reputation. Pick short-term clients over long-term and prove your mettle in varied styles of writing before you pick your preferred genre.

•    Go where the jobs are – A simple Google search can throw up plenty of ghost-writing leads for you to start off on. This is great to try out as a beginner, but you will need to narrow down your search to specific sites offering long-term, credible ghost-writing opportunities. Job boards such as Freelancewriting.com, Freelancewritinggigs.com, Upwork and the like come out with hundreds of listings every month and can help you fetch well-paying clients looking for work you can be proud of.

•    Be proactive – Simply looking for job listings won’t help much, you need to step out and be more proactive – cold call companies/agencies or reach out to editors with a letter of introduction and a stellar pitch for your article, network in local writing communities if possible.

•    See yourself as a brand and package accordingly – Remember, you are no longer a paid employee drawing a fixed salary every month, you are a business onto yourself and you need to see yourself as such. Have a clean, fuss-free website showcasing your past projects and client testimonials, while offering standalone or packaged writing services. Keep your resume updated at all times. Establish yourself as an authority before someone trusts you with ghost-writing about their life and experiences.