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How blog post is different from Article?

If you are attached to the industry of content writing, you might have come across two terms already. They are blogs and articles. In terms of writing, they have some distinctive differences. But many content writers and content buyers face problems in identifying both distinctively.

Most of the freelance and professional writers generally get confused while they are about to write anything. Here some of the leading differences are given in terms of blogs and articles.

Research is important

In the case of the blog posts, thorough research is not needed. As a content writer, you can just write an overview of the topic given to you. You can add on some information and have the full independence to curve it accordingly. Thus, it can help the blog readers to easily get access to the subject of the blog.

The scenario is quite different in the case of the articles. The articles are to be more informative and must be composed in a formal way. Moreover, the other prospects such as the target audience, length of the content, and its goal are also it important considerable factors.

Writing Approach

Blogs are referred to as the softcopy of the personal diary. It is the thought of the individuals on a particular service or product. Therefore, it must be composed in an interactive tone as if the writers are trying to tell stories, sharing random thoughts and opinions. It is mandatory that the spellings and the grammar of the write-up are to be absolutely perfect.  

Articles, on the other hand, must be written in formal. The article must be intact with pieces of information. Moreover, the writers have to be aware of the grammar, spelling and sentence construction.  

Size also matters

Size is one of the main aspects upon which we can consider blogs and articles to be different. The blogs are generally smaller in size and can be composed in the word limit of 300 to 500. It can contain infographics and video too.   

In the case of the articles, the basic size begins above 500 words. Articles are longer in size with an upper word limit of 2,500 words. It has to be loaded with loads of information with no spelling and grammatical mistakes. This point is to be taken extra care of before start writing any blog or article.  

Usage of Keyword

In the industry of content writing, keywords are one of the inevitable terms. However in case of article writing the need of keywords is not so important.

In the case of writing blogs, you should always remember that every blog should be written by centralizing the keywords. According to SEO, It helps in promoting a rank to the website.

The leading companies always hire writers who can write good content by using target keywords.

Own Opinion

Many writers try to include their own opinions while content writing. Both as a content writer and a content buyer you should have a clear idea about where to use personal opinions.

While you write articles, you should not add any personal opinions in it. As a writer, you should always try to take a formal approach while writing an article.