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How to motivate yourself as a writer

Likewise, writing or being a writer isn’t a simple process of how others see. Every writer says ‘Nothing is much fun like writing’ but the untold truth is,

“A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts” - Brandon A. Trean.

like the fun part, there is also nothing more tedious and draggy like writing. So, it is ...

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How to Make a Career in Ghostwriting

“You have a passport into other people’s lives as a trusted confidant." - Andrew Crofts, Ghostwriter

What if you found out you could make a living writing other’s peoples thoughts, ideas, and stories for them? What if you knew you could finally fulfil that long-held dream of writing a book and have it reach thousands of people – without breaking a sweat over marketing it? While still getting handsomely paid for it?

Chances are you probably want to be a ghost-wri ...

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7 useful Content writing rules everyone should know

A social media page with thousands of followers may sound like a success story.
But does the content posted on this page cause ripples?
If no, then some major ingredient is missing from your content curry. Do not feel discouraged. This article covers all you need to develop a compelling piece of content. 

Creating enough is not important but creating quality content is vital.

1)  Catchy Headline

The first impression is the last impression. A catchy headline develops t ...