About Us

White Seeker got instituted in the year 2017. We are bridging the gap between the one who needs content and the content providers by initiating the content writing platform. How did the business notion come into existence? We all know that in the present technological era everything is present in abundance and our maximum needs and demands have online solutions. So, the requirement of content started expanding like the air we breathe in.

Though the supply, as well as demand, was rising and both were present in the clouds. But, we realized that there exists a significant loophole which needs to be addressed in the priority. This widening gap is the lack of a common platform wherein both the content buyers and the content providers can connect simultaneously. So after immense research and findings, we conceptualized the White Seeker to help you all sail through anywhere and at any point in time. You as a user are our target market. Stop bothering and connect with us to enjoy the services at economical pricing.

What is in store for you?

We are here to provide you quality content at the best pricing. Our exquisite characteristic acts as a surprise package in your kitty and facilitates you with good and best quality of content as per your budget. So, stop worrying about shelling that extra money out of your pockets as we will provide you the best with fair and just pricing. Even more, we are catering content services for every sector and industries.

Why Choose Us?

Global Connect

Our platform possesses the excellent feature which helps you to connect with anyone across the globe in just a click

Quality Content

We understand that the requirement of content is present everywhere, but we highly believe in delivering the content like no other and assure you the same

Plagiarism Free

The digital world also brings the threat of copy content but we know that plagiarized content is a punishable crime and hence we provide the content which is free of plagiarism

Complete Assistance

We have solutions to your every problem with a separate page on tips and guidelines for the writers as well as the clients and also we are available 24*7 to help you anytime


Just like the content has to beyond comparison similarly it is a mandate to ensure the originality and the uniqueness of your content. We have strict guidelines to ensure it

Easy Refund

If the content delivered is totally out of your requirement then you can directly reject it and the amount you paid for project will be credited back to your account


Our vision is to bring every content related service under one umbrella and deliver it most efficiently


Our mission is to create the most trusted and easiest platform for everyone who requires content or who offers content services